Seeking The Silver Linings

There was a time I was described as “the woman who could even find the silver lining in her father’s death”. Once considered an unabashed (and occasionally nauseating) optimist, I have come to the realization that I am, in fact, an idealist. This personality trait (or curse, depending on your perspective), has admittedly been a tremendous asset during the rollercoaster ride that is this pandemic. 

As a writer, I have had the unique opportunity of participating in virtual writing conferences from around the nation, many of which would have been nearly impossible for me to attend in the past. In all likelihood, I probably wouldn’t have even heard of them pre-pandemic. The experience has been so enriching to my professional life.

As a wife, I have been afforded so much more quality time with my husband. As a mother, I have spent so much more time talking and interacting with my children (and praying for them). As I grieved the loss of my mother on March 1st, I was able to find the silver lining by recognizing the immense blessing of the timing of her passing. If she had died even a few days later, she would have been completely alone. Instead, she was in the loving arms of her children as she closed her earthly eyes for the last time.

As a child of God and woman of faith, my relationship with Him has deepened tremendously. I am reminded daily (sometimes hourly) that God is in control, and for this I am so incredibly thankful!

My heart aches for all that have been touched by this pandemic. So many are suffering at the mercy of this terrible virus and the resulting hardships left in its wake. Many have lost loved ones. Many are fighting for their lives. Many are suffering from prolonged isolation and separation from loved ones. Many have lost their jobs, livelihoods, and homes. Please know, I have no intention of minimizing the immense pain or the horror that engulfs our world right now; instead, I am merely encouraging you to seek out the “silver linings” that have arisen from the events of 2020. In light of the struggles, what positive aspects of your life are you thankful for today? I pray for us all as we attempt to navigate through these difficult days with grace.