It’s About Time

I have never been a resolution kind of gal; however, I have always been goal-oriented, and I can honestly say that the year 2020 has presented me with a bit of a conundrum.

On the one hand, I feel compelled to make an extensive list of all the things that I want/must/need to achieve in 2021 based solely on the fact that 2020 was so CRAZY. On the other hand, it is that very craziness that reminds me that I am not (nor will I ever be) in complete control. Sure, I can set personal goals for myself, but I cannot simply stop there. I have no choice but to place those goals in God’s hands because I genuinely believe that He is in control.

In all truth, I can’t imagine navigating 2020 without this outlook on life.

I will most definitely set writing goals for myself this year, and I will most definitely hold myself to their achievement. I have peace, however, knowing that God gave me the ability to write, and I will (or will not) become a published author when he sees fit. Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to have my works published, but I know it all comes down to timing. It is much easier to surrender the anxiety about when it will happen, and instead adopt an attitude of looking forward to whenever it happens.

I have no doubt that removing this constant pressure of wondering “when?” will allow me to write more freely, while still maintaining realistic–but flexible–goals for myself.

I’ve had an epiphany.
I want to have drive without being driven.

I’d like to enjoy the writing journey without the weight of an unyielding goal. I am learning to embrace the fact that life is much sweeter for me when I remember that, ultimately, it’s not all up to me. I can loosely set goals, while resting in the knowledge that God will make the final revisions and edits, and they will be perfect!

Happy & Healthy New Year to all!

MJ Wallace