To Lull or Not to Lull… That is the Question

What if we don’t have a choice?

Lull (/ləl/) noun
a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.

Rizzo: Master of the Lull

As you can see, it’s pretty apparent which course of action Rizzo chose, but what happens when a significant lull (quite unavoidably) chooses ME?

Not in a million years would I have considered an unintentional–and most certainly uninvited–lull to be just the spark that my writing needed! I suppose different types of lulls could be compared to the various types of naps; for example, a 20-minute power nap versus a 90-minute restful nap. Perhaps, I had been “power lulling” for too long, and needed (this was news to me) a nice long restful lull instead. That is precisely the type of lull I found myself in mid-summer.

The proverbial and unknown “they” claim that it is important to step away from your WIP (work in progress) occasionally so that you can come back with fresh eyes. However, I’m guessing “they” mean that a hiatus ought to last a week or so…maybe even a month. But TWO whole months? Nah–too long, right? I guess not for me! In all fairness, several major life events occurred during this time period (celebrating my daughter’s college graduation, hosting my son’s wedding, and planning my mom’s funeral), which seriously distracted me from my work. This time was different. In the past, I’ve continued to write through the many storms of life, but this time my brain flipped a switch, apparently deciding it needed a break.

Thankfully, the end of this lull (and the subsequent rejuvenated passion to write) occurred during my absolute favorite season: Autumn! When I was young (and still to this day), fall represented crisp air, glorious colors, and perfectly sharpened pencils with pristine erasers. A FRESH START! Just like that, I’ve jumped in “whole hog” with sharpened pencils–well actually, laptop–a blazin’, writing up a storm and loving it. I am reawakened, refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready!

This might illicit the question: “So, are you participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month- attempting to write 50,000 words in a month) again this November?” My answer: “Not this year. I think perhaps a brief and customized power lull, chock full of research and querying, is in order (although I could still change my mind).”

I am quite looking forward to falling snow and flowing words during my second favorite season, Winter. I have learned that a lull is truly acceptable, when needed, as long as one also knows when to lay off the lull!  After all, when it comes down to it, there’s a season for everything.