‘Twas The Night Before…

The combination of the busy holiday season and trying to get work done can sure be stressful! The writing I share below is an ode to the Christmas classic, and shows you just a little of what I go through as I progress through the final stages of writing and preparing my stories. Enjoy!

‘Twas the night before submitting, and timing was tight
I reworked my manuscript to get it just right!
My family lay nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of book contracts danced in my head.

The dog was asleep, all the lights turned down low.
I sat at my computer, the screen all aglow.
Why, the story was written, the words seemed to flow.
But still I worried: was it ready to go?

Yes, it was perfect now, what more could I do?
The manuscript was finished; it was set for debut!
Critiqued, studied, and splayed with red ink
It had been through the rigors, the whole kitchen sink.

It was time to let go, it was time to believe
that this creation of mine was ready to leave!
But what if they hate it, or it needs one last tweak?
Oh, my hesitation rendered this manuscript weak.

But it was then that I realized, it was then that I knew,
this manuscript deserved the ultimate review.
A read by the publisher; a true fighting chance.
My beloved work of art was so ready to dance!

So I sealed up the envelope, slipped back into bed,
And fell asleep to the sounds of success in my head!
For it was time to let my precious work fly
and dream that its words would never die!