For so long, we have chosen to be unkind…
Now, we must choose to be kind.
For so long, our words have been divisive…
Now, our words must unify.
For so long, we have been concerned with self…
Now, we must be concerned for others.
For so long, we have taken care of “me”…
Now, we must care for each other.
Now, we must  “love one another as HE first loved us.”…

All of my stories aspire to what we can be, in the midst of who we frequently are. My characters learn (often the hard way) to treat others with kindness and respect. I struggle mightily with the fact that humankind is predisposed to choose self over other and often hate over love. It is my ardent hope (and prayer) that during these uncertain times we will fight that which is instinct and truly learn to love one another.

Volunteering to bring food to local seniors!

I was looking for an opportunity to help during these uncertain times, when my church put out a call for volunteers to assemble “cheer baskets” filled with food and goodies for the elderly and vulnerable members of our congregation. Since I used to run a gift basket business, this was right up my alley.

During these difficult times, it’s a perfect opportunity to find something that aligns with your abilities, and stay busy! You can help others from inside or outside your home: have kids draw pictures & send notes to nursing homes or children’s hospitals, call grandparents, mow lawns for those who need it, sew masks, bring dinner to someone, donate a meal to healthcare workers, pray for one another… the list goes on and on. 

I pray that you and your families stay healthy as we navigate the rest of 2020

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