Welcome to MJ’s World

Welcome to MJ’s world! Here you’ll meet ten thirteen year olds cooking up a storm as they navigate the perils of preteen life all the while “devouring” our nation’s delicious history. Or perhaps you’ll encounter a precocious pup who is faced with a game-changing decision while competing in his first major golf championship. Of course, there’s always the possibility that you might enhance your environmental awareness and learn to better appreciate nature as you read along with your toddler or you might find yourself rooting for a group of youth plotting the demise of Adolf Hitler. Alas, it is here, that you will see the world through the eyes of this “child at heart”. A world in which kids try to encourage one another and conflict resolution involves honest discussion and thought despite flaring tempers, hurt feelings, pride or stubbornness. Here, problems are managed with thought and compassion. While my characters are most definitely “human”, and make mistakes like all of us, they attempt to handle things with integrity and try to do that which is right. There are those who might (and have) referred to me as a Pollyanna, and I actually embrace this. I want kids to aspire to handle conflict without bullying of any kind. I truly believe that we are all able to rise to any occasion and ultimately choose to be kind and compassionate to our peers while making the right choices in difficult times and I earnestly seek to share this vision with the young minds of tomorrow!

More About Me…

I am the author of five picture books as well as a middle grade novel. While my true passion is writing for children, I am also a copywriter and have plans for future adult novels as well. I have served as facilitator for a writer’s group and have also participated in several writing classes, workshops and conventions. I am so excited to one day see all of my manuscripts published so that I can share them with everyone!

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Easier written than said…

My motto. I find it encapsulates my love for writing and reinforces my belief in just how impactful a story can be.